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Pre-wedding of Berry & Nicholas

Summer is a season that you both love and hate. Sometimes it showers so heavily it keeps you from going anywhere but when it is over you get the most clear and beautiful sky. At other times the weather is so good it gives you a perfect natural lighting but the heat is really hard to stand.  Love and hate….true? 

Berry and Nicholas originally planned to have their pre-wedding shots taken in June but due to the occasional rains in the aftermath of a typhoon, it was postponed to early July. And so lucky they postponed as the weather turned out to be extremely lovely on this alternative date.

They did not mind the heat as they really wanted to have a sunny and warm tone. And there was yet another special reason why the weather matters. Two of their family members – a pair of toy Poodle – were joining the shooting too! I am also a dog-lover. I have a Schnauzer prince at home. I know how challenging it can be to bring them to terms and catch their expressions, especially when they look much unwilling under the burning sun.  But they did bring us lots of fun and laughters, despite the excessive energy consumption!

Thanks Berry and Nicholas for their awesome performance. We especially appreciate how Nick managed to get himselves several nice outfits with matching accessories. We surely would like to prize him with the Best Dressed Award for Bridegroom 2011! Also, thumbs up for our two lovely Puddle actors. Special thanks to Nick’s mom for assisting and most of all, our superb partner Carmen for getting us a homely place in Shek O for rest and make-up and her delicious dessert to cool down our engine after hours of shooting outdoor! 

The couple: Berry & Nicholas

Make-up Artist: Carmen Fung

Date: 4 Jul 2011

Venue: Shek O & Central

Overseas Pre-wedding: Agnes & Sunny

Hey we are back from Phuket!

This was not just a refreshing trip after a year’s hard work, but also an overseas shooting session for two of our best friends – Agnes and Sunny. We have known each other for years. When they told us that they are getting married, and wanted me to shoot some pre-wedding shots during our trip, I was probably more excited than they were. I knew straight away that it was going to be awesome.

We stayed at the award-winning JW Marriot Phuket Resort & Spa. It was stunningly spacious and pretty. We especially love the “out of the blue” themed pool and restaurants at the south wing. So most photos were taken there. The most exciting thing is I finally fulfilled my wish and had my first trial of shooting under water! It was an interesting experience and especially enjoyable under the bright hot sun. Sure we would not have missed the beautiful sunset on Mai Khao Beach just in front of the resort!

The trip was full of unforgetable moments and great fun. Just wish we could have stayed longer!




26 Feb – 2 Mar in Phuket!

We will be away from Hong Kong for the period of 26 Feb – 2 Mar. Please send your enquiry to our email at We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a nice weekend!

Pre-wedding of Helen & Alex

We met Helen and Alex at KIR Royal when she was fitting wedding gowns for her Macau pre-wedding session. We were rather surprised they approached us a few months later for another pre-wedding shooting in Hong Kong. This time they wanted it to be taken in a studio with three stylings. It was again quite challenging for me as I have to design three different light settings to create different mood and styles.

Although it was energy-consuming as our session extended into late night, all of us were having great fun. Helen and Alex made a nice looking couple. Actually we found out that Helen resembles Miriam Yeung a lot and Alex looks quite like Justin! When some photos were released for preview afterwards, their friends agreed too.

Here are some of my favourites:

The couple: Helen & Alex

Make-up Artist: Lychee

Venue: Segreto Production

Happy Holidays!

Well you may have noticed the fall of snow on my blog. I love it so much. Thanks wordpress for this little thoughtful surprise to their bloggers. It really turns on our x’mas mood!

2010 has been a fruitful year and 2011 looks to be even more challenging! Congratulations to all newly-weds and I look forward to photographing more weddings next year.

Have a merry christmas and happy new year!

Modern Traditions – The Wedding of Zoe & Andrew

I love to be a wedding photographer and everytime I go for a new wedding, I get so excited at the thought of what I am going to be getting to shoot, and being at a wedding is like getting to discover tiny treasures all over the places!

Zoe and Andrew’s big day was such a discovery tour! They had some free time on their big day after the tea ceremony and they were so eager to go take some photos on the street with their traditional Chinese wedding gown on, I could not help but accept their little request. We strolled around Causeway Bay taking photos casually. Taking wedding couples on the street was not new to me but their traditional wedding gown really threw some light on getting me some new idea. I found they turned out to look quite nice with seemingly unmatched settings like graffiti wall or against a big fashion ad!

Zoe and Andrew’s wedding really impressed me as every one there could see how much effort and heart they spent for each other to make it perfect. I knew they love Chinese culture and they especially collected many traditional Chinese accessories for decorations.  In fact, they were the only couple I have shooted who march in with the traditional Chinese wedding gown on. This is truly unconventional and I will say is a modern interpretation of traditions.

Here I would like to share a few of my favourites. I will share more of the amazing details they prepared for the traditional theme. So please stay tuned!

Date: Nov 17, 2010

The couple: Zoe and Andrew

Ceremony: St. Margaret’s Church

Reception: Super Star Seafood Restaurant

The Classy Wedding of Michelle & Cliff

To be at Michelle and Cliff’s wedding, it almost feels like we had travelled in a time machine – going back 100 years to the old Shanghai. Their reception venue – Spring Moon, the well-known dining heritage in town, was decorated as a grand theatre in Shanghai. Needless to say, the iconic Peninsula Hotel and the vintage Rolls Royce also add to the wedding a touch of 1920’s extravagance. However, despite the luxurious settings, I am glad that Michelle had tastefully chosen some simple and subtle gowns and decorations. It was a good balance and even made the simple more outstanding! I especially love the clean-cut satin bridemaids’ dresses in burgundy red.


Date: Nov 6, 2010

The couple: Michelle & Cliff

Venue: Spring Moon at the Peninsula Hotel

Video: Whot Production

Spend My Life with You – Wedding of Polly & Raymond

Last week’s talk of the town must be the super typhoon Megi which was supposedly heading towards Hong Kong but dramatically turned away from us before the weekend came. It was really a blessing for Polly and Raymond and for us too as their wedding ceremony was scheduled on last sunday at the beautiful Repulse Bay beach. Thanks God, the weather turned out to be beautiful and bright as our bride.

Our first ceremony at the beach was surely an amusement. It was so lighthearted we wish we were wearing shorts and sandals running on the sand as the bridemaids did. The day’s highlight were Raymond’s proposed video and his surprise performance on the stage at night. All of us were moved by his delicate thoughts and his deep love for Polly. It was truly impressive. We are sure their wedding will outrun others to become the most touching one we have participated this year!

Sharing with you their happy moments:

Date: Oct 24, 2010

The couple: Polly and Raymond

Ceremony: The Repulse Bay Beach

Reception: Four Seasons Hotel

Videography: The One Movie

Simple is Beauty – Wedding of Lucy & Ka Lok

On Lucy & Ka Lok’s wedding rundown, you would not be able to find traditional sessions like “接新娘” and “玩新郎”. In most of the weddings we participated, we often saw couples feeling tense when they tried hard to hold on to a very tight schedule. I never saw a couple as composed and leisurely as Lucy and Ka Lok. Their wedding was simple and unconventional. No need to rush here and there, they spared ample time for sharing their happiness with their guests.

Date: Oct 17, 2010

The couple: Lucy & Ka Lok

Venue: Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel